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Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Mill - All Grain Mill


Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Mill

The Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Mill is the perfect choice for those looking for a quality hand mill that will give you exceptional balance of grinding performance (multi grain), versatility, ease of use, and solid construction. It is affordable and will be useful as your primary grain grinder or as a backup in case of power failure.

 The Wonder Junior Deluxe hand mill is among the easiest to use hand grinders on the market. With the quick change head system you can switch from grinding dry grains, beans and legumes to oily or wet grains, nuts, seeds or coffee, in just minutes. One pair is stone and the other pair is steel. The steel burrs tackle wet or oily materials (and are also best for certain dry materials) while the stone burrs provide a fine grind for dry grains and dry beans.  When using either set, the grind is quickly and infinitely adjustable from extremely coarse to extremely fine, and anywhere between. 
  • The Wonder Junior is capable of producing 1-1/4 cups of fine wheat flour in 1 minute with very reasonable turning effort. It has a generous hopper capacity of over 1 quart. Two optional powering accessories are also available for the Wonder Junior mill — a power drill adapter and pulley wheel — to further extend its usefulness.
  • The thick, 4" diameter synthetic stone burrs of the Wonder Junior mill are formulated to combine aggressive precision grinding with long burr life. Using the stone burrs your Wonder Junior can grind wheat (both hard and soft), oat groats (dehulled oats), rice, triticale, kamut, spelt, dry beans, lentils, dent ("field") corn, popcorn, dried sweet corn, split peas, buckwheat, barley, rye, millet, teff, quinoa, amaranth, sorghum, dried mung beans, garbanzos, and more (all dry grains and beans.) The Wonder Junior Deluxe stone burrs can be changed easily to the steel burrs whenever you prefer using them.
  • The 4" diameter stainless steel burrs of the Wonder Junior mill can be used to grind any dry grains or beans but using the steel burrs will allow you to grind oily or wet materials that would ordinarily clog or gum up stone burrs or compact milling heads. When using the steel burrs, the newly redesigned, highly aggressive feed auger helps the Wonder Junior Deluxe grind nuts, coffee beans, herbs, spices, oilseeds like flax, fibrous materials or sprouted seeds or grains, cacao nibs, dried bone, alum and more. (The Wonder Junior is not suitable for grinding chia seed, dried carrots or mesquite bean pods.) 
Peanut Butter/SS Burrs

Stone & Stainless Steel Burrs
The Wonder Junior equipped with its steel and stone burrs has the widest range of grinding capability that can be found!
The steel burrs allow you to turn out nut butters, grain flour, steel-cut oats, meal, cracked grain. 
  • Very durable: Solid metal unibody design, then adds heavy duty replaceable bronze bearings, a large diameter (5/8") steel drive shaft and a heavy duty crank arm with a handle that's sized to be comfortable for every hand. Each component of the Wonder Junior is designed for decades of steady every-day use. The construction of the milling body extends to the milling heads as well. Both the steel and the synthetic stone burrs are engineered for both excellent grinding performance and long life. 
  • The main body of the mill is food-safe powder coated with a super tough, long-lasting finish making cleanup a breeze - one or two minutes. A handy brush is included that makes it easy. A Flour Guide is included as standard equipment to help prevent flour from accumulating on you counter or table. Cleanup after grinding wet or oily products (like when making nut butter) takes a little longer but is still simple and hassle-free.
  • The Wonder Junior's table clamp attaches easily and with large dual clamp screws and won't budge once it's there. The large swivel pads on each screw mean it won't mar your table, and is adjustable up to 2-1/8" thick.
  • 18" tall and measures 13.5" deep x 7" wide. Weight 10 lbs.
  • Hopper capacity is 1 quart.
  • The Wonder Junior Deluxe mill is covered by a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
FREE SHIPPING & NO TAX for the Wonder Junior Deluxe hand mill is in U.S. only(with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii).

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Pully Wheel Attachment

Pulley Wheel: This large heavy duty pulley wheel accepts standard v-belts and can be used to provide power to the Wonder Junior mill from a variety of power sources. Whatever power source you may use, the Wonder Junior needs to be turned not faster than 160 RPM (revolutions per minute), which is about twice the typical speed of hand cranking. Power sources are limited only by your imagination. One popular approach is adapting a standard or exercise bike so you can use leg power rather than arm power. An electric motor can be used, but note that motorizing the mill voids the manufacturer's warranty. (Use of the manufacturer's separate Power Drill Adapter accessory does not void the warranty.) The Pulley Wheel includes a special tool that makes handle removal easy.

                       Power Drill Adaptor                     
Power Drill Adapter: This adapter lets you power your Wonder Junior grain mill with an electric drill. The mill should not be turned at more than 160 RPM (revolutions per minute), which is about twice the typical speed of hand cranking. With many drills it's difficult to maintain a particular speed. The DeWalt DW130V is one drill that users have found it pretty easy to control the speed with. Powering the Wonder Junior mill using this adapter and a drill does not void the manufacturer's warranty. The Power Drill Adapter includes a special tool that makes handle removal easy.  

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